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El Paso and San Antonio Texas Asphalt Maintenance & Construction


There are many different factors that contribute to a good paving job. Asphalt is a material where trade-offs need to be made in order to optimize performance. Courser material is stronger but finer material looks better. Softer material last longer and is more crack resistant but may be too soft for a specific use that a customer has in mind.

Once a mix design is chosen, the material must be placed correctly to achieve maximum durability. The asphalt must be at the proper temperature and needs to be rolled at the just the right times to obtain both compaction and a smooth finished surface. Pavement construction is as much an art as a science and both good training and experience are important.


Southwest Paving, Inc. crews can expertly handle parking lot or road related concrete work. We have completed miles of concrete curbs, swales, sidewalks, along with concrete parking lots, handicap ramps, truck docks, etc. Our concrete crews allow one stop shopping for all your parking lot or paving needs and help us to coordinate work on your project smoothly.

Southwest Paving, Inc. has experience doing all types of concrete work. We specialize in parking lot & private road construction but we also have experience with street repair and other public works projects. Our equipment is modern and well maintained and our crews are thoroughly trained to provide the highest quality work.

About Us

Our commitment is to provide our clients with a cost effective solution for asphalt or concrete needs. We pride ourselves in providing quality materials and workmanship at competitive prices. As Southwest Paving, Inc. we are dedicated to our work and we look forward to exceeding your expectations.

Southwest Paving Inc. holds themselves to high standards of paving in the industry. With our professional expertise and customer friendly staff, Southwest Paving Inc. is looking to become the number one paving company in the state of Texas. Our constant efforts to provide the best quality and service will lead Southwest Paving Inc. towards our future.

Southwest Paving Inc is a successful family incorporated company that has served El Paso and surrounding areas since 1980. We take pride in our work and want to help El Paso’s growth and development with our expertise in asphalt and concrete paving. Southwest Paving Inc. handles all asphalt and concrete pavement repair, as well as, maintenance and development for residential and commercial properties.

At Southwest Paving Inc. no job is too small for us. We embrace every job with the same quality, attention and support. With our strong work ethic, we look forward to developing strong business relationships with each and every customer. We want to make sure our customers are completely satisfied by exceeding all expectations. With 25 years of experiences, Southwest Paving Inc. is ready to serve all your asphalt and concrete paving needs.

  • Del Sol Medical Center

    Del Sol Hospital provided the plans, and we constructed the entire parking lot from the ground up.  What was a mere dirt area, is now a fully striped asphalt paved parking lot with concrete header curbs that separate the pavement from the landscaping, which is all enclosed by a 10’ high rock wall.  Everything seen and mentioned above was meticulously constructed by Southwest Paving, Inc., with the exception of the landscaping.

  • AAFES Gas Station

    Over 25 years of experience is priceless when working on a project like a gas station, where an obscene amount of detail and attention is imperative. We constructed all of the asphalt and concrete pavement you see above from the ground up. Once we finished with the demo of the existing parking area and all of the earthwork and foundation preparation, we installed all of the asphalt pavement and were responsible for a substantial amount of concrete work. The scope of the concrete work alone included: the pouring of the sidewalk; handicap ramp; fueling islands; concrete paving under the canopy and over the fuel storage tank; header curb and gutter; and dead men (placed under the fueling tanks).  We were able to accommodate and work with all the other sub contractors and met every scheduled deadline assigned to us by the general contractor.

  • El Paso’s Grandview Park Improvements

    We contributed to the improvements at Grandview Park in 2008. We were contracted to replace the existing asphalt parking lot on the north side of the park with a few minor changes.  We removed 2” of the existing damaged asphalt pavement from the entire parking area.  We then proceeded to process, re-level and re-compact the existing sub-grade base course to the city’s specifications.  Lastly, we applied hot asphalt D-mix (contains smaller aggregate stones that give the asphalt surface a smoother surface) of 2” spread throughout the entire area in a continuous pad with a mechanical asphalt paver, and then compacted it with a mechanized roller.

  • First Federal Bank

    We were contracted for asphalt paving maintenance by means of crackfilling, sealcoating and striping.  The initial appearance of the parking lot was not significantly damaged, but it is important to maintain the asphalt pavement to avoid severe asphalt damage in the future.  Look at it as protecting you initial investment.  Since they are closed for business on the weekends, we completed the entire job on a Saturday which allowed us to avoid any inconveniences to the business or its patrons.